Our Story

About Clarity Apothecary

Claire, owner of Clarity Integrated Health Studios has been making products since she was a child using only the finest ingredient and purest essential oils.

Since 1999 Claire has been working with bodies, finding the right combinations of modalities and products that her clients need for their health and well being. She was repeatedly asked by clients as to where they could buy her products, Clarity Apothecary was created to fill this need.

Almost 4 years later, we welcome our product line. Handmade with love, in small batches in Tofino B.C. Canada, one of the most magical places to call home Welcome to Clarity Apothecary. We are glad you found us.

About Claire

Claire has a deep love for things that smell beautiful and has since she was a child. Has been making these recipes in her kitchen since she was a kid. As she has developed these skill she connected it to her continuing education. Her Integrative Health Centres and sessions, her continual work and development with cognitive function, new neural pathway development and trauma response is what has led these products to become available to you today.

Her absolute need to know where things come from, how they’re made and what you put on your skin is why she always jokes that it’s owner tested!

“If I don't try it, it doesn't go out and doesn't get sold”! ~ Claire

Look forward to sharing more of Claire’s journey and story as we grow. We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or need more info, please reach to office@clarityapothecary.com

About the Products

We source every single ingredient in each hand crafted product with an incredible amount of love, time and education. Supporting small organizations and businesses is our priority and we are connected with every single person we work with. This connection we develop with our vendors carries a lot of importance in ensuring the highest quality of product is available.

Our products are vegan (except for our 100% pure beeswax candle). They are small batched, cruelty free, gluten free, no preservative, chemicals and are ethically sourced. They absolutely do not contain any artificial oils, additives or colours. Absolutely no preservatives or fillers.


What is the approximate shelf life of Clarity’s products?
Because our products are fresh with no preservatives or fillers, the recommended shelf life is one year.

What Kind of Essential Oils do you source?
All of our oils are sourced through small wholesalers that Claire works with personally. They are the highest grade from local Vancouver island, all the way to Morocco.

Why are your products made in glass?

Did you know our products are made in glass? When we ship products to you, we use as much recycled material from any of our wholesalers or vendors. We re-use anything that is sent to us from our vendors and wholesalers. When you receive your Clarity box, it should either go into your recycling bin or your wood stove. We believe in lifetime staples, therefore we package each handcrafted product in dark pigmented glass bottles. This not only preserves the life of the product inside, but is also re-usable and less impactful on the planet. We highly encourage you to recycle your bottle by re-using it for another purpose or by recycling it just as you would any other glass bottle.

Do you have a re-use program for your glass Clarity bottles?
Yes, this is offered at Epic Pharmacy in Tofino, where you may drop off your glass bottle so that it can be re-used or re-distributed. We’re hoping for more drop off locations coming soon.

Are Clarity products safe for infants?
We do not recommend using any products containing essential oils on your infant. However, our Just B Collection of unscented products are perfectly safe and beneficial for your little one(s)! The Body Butter is one of the most amazing products for babies and mamas or anyone with dry or sensitive skin. With any products, we recommend testing an area before using it all over.

Are your products good for pain and inflammation?
YES! We use 4 of the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils in the world as our carrier.

~Arnica oil
~Comfrey oil
~Holly oil
~Argan oil

That is the base/carrier of any of our oil products and then we add the highest grade of essential oils to help create products that make you and your physical body feel better.