Bath & Body Oil 100ml / 3.38oz


Our Bath and Body Oils are where it all began. A blend of 4 of the most anti-inflammatory oils: Argan, Holly,  Arnica and Comfrey, combined with our 9 signature scents make for the most amazing Bath and Body Oil. Smooth over your skin or drop into your running bath water to enjoy an amazing soak.

Both hydrating and anti-inflammatory, our body and bath oil is light weight, non- greasy and easily absorbed. With no preservatives, fillers or additives it is great for even the most sensitive of skin types. It is an amazing massage oil and is used at all of our Clarity Integrated Health Studios. Available in Clarity’s nine signature scents, each one complex and intricate. For more detail on each scent please read the descriptions below. Please note the oils mentioned are the highlight oils; those you will smell most within each blended scent. Enjoy!

Hand Made



Cruelty Free

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A brief introduction to each of our hand crafted 9 signature scents and a description of the oils that are in them


Pikake • Tuberose • Wild Ginger
Immerse yourself in the stunning world of the Hawaiian islands: this sweet blend smells like a Lei of tropical Hawaiian flowers. Aloha is created from rare oils distilled and produced in Hawaii and blended to create a gentle high-floral and sweetly tropical scent. This uniquely original aroma will leave you feeling truly uplifted and connected to the power of these amazing islands.


Lavender • Sage • Frankincense
A rare synthesis of worldly, traditional and powerful oils. Each became highly sought-after and household names through ancient Egypt, Rome, and China, to contemporary day France and England. While versatile, all three hold a reputation in being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and most importantly, soothing to the nervous system. Inhale the feelings of balance with this unique blend of sweetly-earthy and grounding scents with subtle notes of floral. Balance will promote ease and clarity in your environment.


Eucalyptus • Peppermint
Said to be one of the world’s most influential trees, Eucalyptus is known for its potent antiviral and antibacterial properties. In this scent, it’s paired with Peppermint, also antibacterial, but praised for its neurological soothing & calming properties. Breath is designed to open up your respiratory system and is supportive in clearing sinuses, a cold or a headache. Experience the power of a deeper breath of fresh air with this revitalising and medicinal scent.


Bergamot • Grapefruit
Known by the Turks as the “Prince’s pear”, majestic Bergamot is considered one of the finest and most alluring of the citrus notes. It’s paired with grapefruit, a mysterious hybrid once referred to as the “forbidden fruit”. Fresh is a light citrus scent that is crisp and effervescent with hints of earl-grey. This bright aroma will awaken the mind, reduce stress and uplift your heart.


Jasmine • Patchouli
Revered by royalty and traded along the silk road for centuries, Jasmine and Patchouli are warmly-exotic Indian and eastern-Asian fragrances. As a distinguished blend of rich florals and deeply grounding-earth scents, Goddess will evoke feelings of empowerment. This full-bodied aroma is designed to help you feel supported with whatever life is throwing at you


Lavender • Vetiver
Hailing from Hawaii, France and Vancouver Island, Canada, this beautiful blend of lavenders is supported with the grounding depth of earthy and warm vetiver. Lavender is anti-inflammatory; long used to treat anxiety, depression, and skin conditions. Vetiver is known to promote relaxation and feelings of support. Both are recognized for their powerful abilities in alleviating emotional stress and calming the nervous system. Experience the state of Grace with this gentle and calm floral.


Bergamot • Grapefruit • Rose
The Queen of Flowers, Rose is known as a heart opener; a teacher of self-love and strength in softness. This signature scent has the same base notes as Fresh, with the added warmth and grace of Rose Absolute and Rose Otto. A union of bright and refreshing citrus with light decadently-floral scents, it’s the perfect antidote to stress or feelings of overwhelm. A deep and supportive blend that will lift your spirits.


Palo Santo • Rose Geranium • Rose
Known as the “sacred wood”, Palo Santo is native to South America and holds a long-standing history as a powerful opener of energy. This subtly sweet and woodsy scent is paired with the warmth of Rose, which will open the heart center as it’s historically associated with encouragement and truth-seeking. Mystic is a rich, intoxicating yet light scent that will awaken you to the deeper parts of yourself.


Sage • Frankincense • Myrrh
Once valued more than Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh are two of the world's most historically significant scents and are responsible for creating the trade routes linking Arabia to India and the Mediterranean to the Silk Road in China. Married alongside another historical plant, sacred sage is known for its powerful clearing properties. This beautifully lush blend of woodsy smells will stimulate the atmosphere with feelings of groundedness, clarity and calm. Excellent in clearing & centering your space.

Aloha Bath and Body Oil
- Deb

I first stumbled upon this oil in a small store in Tofino. I absolutely love it. I apply it daily after showering. The scent will transport you immediately to a sweet evening in your favorite tropical paradise. The oil will leave your skin soft, but really soaks in well, so no oily feeling. The scent lingers gently, but is not overpowering. people ask me all the time what I am wearing. Since the border has been closed, I have ordered it twice by mail.