Pure Magnesium Flakes & BareFoot Tofino Flowers Vial 60ml / 2oz with Tofino Woodworks salvaged Wood Block

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We love the idea of soaking in a soothing bath surrounded by beautiful flowers. We have teamed up with Barefoot Tofino Flowers to combine Magnesium Chloride flakes with carefully grown, handpicked, dried flowers. Use 1 vial per bath to reduce pain, swelling, soothe muscles, release tension and aid in sleep. Along with the vial, this version of the product includes a beautiful hand made wooden block that allows easy use and display of the vial. After you have used the contents the block allows you to use it for any other type of display you'd like. Handmade wooden block by Tofino Woodworks, using salvaged Tofino wood.