• Face Mask Spray (30ml / 1.01oz)

    Face Mask Spray (30ml / 1.01oz)

    This 30ml facemask spray is designed to cool and calm skin that may be irritated by wearing facemasks for prolonged periods of time and make the inside of your mask smell and feel wonderful. Eases skin oil build up and freshens mask fabric, the perfect...

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  • Serum (10ml / 0.34oz)

    Serum (10ml / 0.34oz)

    Clarity Apothecary creates one of a kind products with the best ingredients on the planet, this serum is an example of just that. This product contains three of the most incredible pure essential oils of rose; Wild Rose, Moroccan Rose and Rose Absolute...

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  • Toner (30ml / 1.01oz)

    Toner (30ml / 1.01oz)

    Toners are an important part of your skin care routine, they help to open up the pores and prepare your skin for all the benefits of our Serum. The ingredients of our Toner are ultra hydrating and calming they are Aloe, Vitamin E, Distilled Water, and...

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