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This is our unscented line of products.

  • Baking Soda & Sea Salt 907g / 32oz

    Baking Soda & Sea Salt 907g / 32oz

    Add this mixture of pure baking soda and pure sea salt to your bath and let the minerals ease your tensions and pains away. The combo is so much more effective then Epson salts, with no toxins and an incredible skin softening effect. Unscented.

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  • Body Butter 50ml / 1.69oz

    Body Butter 50ml / 1.69oz

    We love simple and beautiful products that work! Our body butter is made with pure organic Shea butter and organic coconut cream. This moisturizing and rejuvenating cream can be applied anywhere on your body. Amazing for people who have super sensitive...

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  • Bubble Bath

    Bubble Bath

    At Clarity Apothecary we love receiving ideas and feedback from customers. This bubble bath was created from customer demand for an unscented, all natural bubble bath that they could use on themselves and their children. This bubble bath is the perfect...

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  • Essential Oil Diffuser

    Essential Oil Diffuser

    This essential oil diffuser is the natural companion to our pure essential oils. Place a few drops of any Clarity essential oil in the top of this diffuser and place a tea light in the space below and fill your home or space with the scent of your choice...

  • Eye Pillow

    Eye Pillow

    A soothing, weighted eye Pillow. Scented with soothing lavender, Removable Cover, Organic Flax seed filling, 9.5" x 4", Black, Silk.

  • Magnesium Spray

    Magnesium Spray

    The magnesium spray was designed to give you all the benefits of our Magnesium Flakes but in a compact convenient spay. Great for post work outs, travel, and anywhere on the go. Spray directly on areas of tension pain or cramping. Magnesium aids to...

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  • Pure Beeswax Candle 260g / 9oz

    Pure Beeswax Candle 260g / 9oz

    Hand made in Tofino BC, with Cloud Factory, from local beeswax, this amazing candle will not only clear your space and reduce positives ions but will also increase the warmth and cosyness of any space as well as make it smell naturally wonderful. This...

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  • Pure Magnesium Flakes 454g / 16oz

    Pure Magnesium Flakes 454g / 16oz

    These are pure concentrated Magnesium Chloride flakes. They reduce pain and swelling, aid in sleep and are amazing for soothing muscles and tension.Add a few caps to each bath. Unscented

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