About Clarity Apothecary

Our lives are a balancing act. A life well lived is a one in which thousands of elements are carefully balanced allowing us to live productively and comfortably. This careful weighing of elements is something that includes every aspect of our lives, on every scale. The balance of work and relaxation, movement and stillness, muscles and tendons, action and inaction.


A collection of hand crafted scents, oils and blends of uncompromising quality.

Each product made by Clarity Apothecary is carefully conceived of, designed and hand crafted by our small team. We have combined years of learning with a passion for the finest essences and spent hours making everything just right.


Clarity Apothecary is dedicated to the pursuit of a balanced life.

Claire Bond, owner of Clarity Integrated Health and Clarity Apothecary has been practicing body work and aromatherapy for over 18 years. Initially trained in Lomi Lomi massage in Hawaii, she now combines her expertise in essential oils with the best wild natural materials to bring you Clarity Apothecary: a tool kit to improve your life.